Lore of Skaldras

There are certain things that all members of the Hofkah know by the time they reach adulthood.

The Dragons

Dragons are the undisputed rulers of Skaldras. It is said that there were once gods, but that the dragons overthrew them in a great war. Humans and creatures live in fear of their tyrants, and it is only by avoiding contact with them that they continue to survive. If a dragon’s attention falls on a tribe or steading, it is unlikely to survive. A few important notes about dragons:

- Dragons cannot be killed except by other dragons, and they do not die to old age. Intrinsically powerful, magical creatures, no known spell or weapon wielded by men can slay a dragon. Whether this is due to humans not being strong enough or if it is intrinsic to dragons is unknown.

- Death Spires: A dragon overlord builds from the environment a tall tower of stone, mud, and other natural resources. Death spires are thin and as tall as they can be. Any land that a dragon can see when perched atop its spire is its territory, and therefore if you can see a death spire, you are trespassing. Dragons are fiercely territorial and will often attack anything threatening that comes into its range of vision.

As a result of these death spires, the Hofkah are dedicated in watching the horizon to see if the towers come into sight. It is for this reason that the traditional parting is “Watch the horizon!”

- Underlings: Not all dragons are overlords. They often enslave lesser dragons or reproduce and raise children. These dragons continue to serve their master until they become powerful enough to break off on their own and start the process of building their own deaths spire distant enough from their old masters’ that they will never see each other.

- If a dragon were to come upon a tribe, there is only one hope the tribe has. Dragons despise wyverns more than any other creature. Humans have taken to hunting wyverns and displaying their heads on pikes outside of steadings as tribute. If a dragon is sufficiently pleased by the offering, he may pass over the tribe without destroying it.

- The following dragon lords are close enough to the Hofkah for the tribe to know of their existence:

  • Vahlok – An ancient and powerful blue dragon with powers over the dead. Vahlok’s territory lies north of the Hofkah.
  • Konahrik – An old red dragon, this tyrant rules a desolation south west of the Hofkah, behind the Spineback Mountains.
  • Kruziikrel – A nefarious black dragon, Kruziikrel reigns to the south east, beyond the Wounded Lake.

The Gray

The Gray are a mysterious order of hermits that live alone in the wastes of Skaldras. Encountering one is very rare, but the Hofkah have interacted with one named Haaskul in the past and he has revealed that there are others. Haaskul occasionally visits the Hofkah and appears to be a powerful mage, often healing tribe members whose illness has vexed the Circle of Druids.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken, or the Forsaken Ones, are undead creatures that roam Skaldras. Apparently once human, they have been corrupted by vile magic and are often attributed to Vahlok. Unlike most undead, the Forsaken retain their capacity for thought and planning, and they form organized groups and armies. No longer needing food or sustenance, they seem to have little purpose but to seek out and destroy surviving humans.

The Sea of Woe

The Sea of Woe is a wandering group of spectres that appear only once a lifetime. Their appearance is often considered a sign of great hardship or disaster to come. Their leader is a particularly dreadful ghost called the King of Despair.

Lore of Skaldras

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