There is no currency in Skaldras, so individuals may not buy and sell magic items. Instead, all items will require crafting. Crafting times are all but eliminated—crafting an item still requires you to meet the prerequisites, such as the necessary feats, caster level, and spells cast during creation. However, crafting time is reduced to about one hour, once the basic item has been created. For example, you can craft a masterwork composite longbow using the normal crafting rules, then when it comes time to enchant it, the enchanting process only requires 1 hour.

Instead of providing the cost of the item in gold or materials worth that much gold, the enchanter must provide magical essence plus a particular object specific to the magic item, called a totem. If the totem has an essence value, it may be a part of the essence paid for the crafting. However, the totem must be provided whole; it cannot be converted to essence prior to enchanting. Most totems are intuitively affiliated with the enchanted object. For example, a belt of strength might require a slab of muscle from a very strong creature.

Magical essence is harvested from the body parts of deceased creatures. Each creature has three body parts that contain its essence—its hide, its teeth, and its bones. The amount of essence a creature contains is equal to an amount based on its CR. This essence is distributed evenly amongst its three essence-bearing parts, so all essence amounts are divisible by 3.

This rule has exceptions. Dragons of any form (whether pseudo-dragons, wyverns, linnorms, or true dragons) possess double the amount of essence from other creatures. Humans also possess double the amount of essence, but the harvest of essence from a human is considered a crime on the level of cannibalism. Creatures that don’t have hides, teeth or bones have less essence as a result. For example, you would get only 1/3rd the essence from an ooze, and only 2/3rds from a skeleton.

Essence Yield by CR:
CR <1: 1 (all three essence-bearing parts must be consumed)
CR 1: 3
CR 2: 6
CR 3: 9
CR 4: 12
CR 5: 15
CR 6: 21
CR 7: 27
CR 8: 33
CR 9: 42
CR 10: 54
CR 11: 69
CR 12: 90
CR 13: 117
CR 14: 150
CR 15: 195
CR 16: 249
CR 17: 321
CR 18: 411
CR 19: 531
CR 20: 669

For the purpose of crafting items, 1 essence counts as 50 gold toward the cost. This is the equivalent of 100 gold toward the market price of an item.

Gather Essence is a new spell. It is Sor/Wiz 0, Druid 0, Bard 0, Clr 0, Rgr 1. It may be cast on an essence-bearing part at any time after the death of the creature. The spell creates what is essentially a small glass bead that contains the essence of the part, consuming the part itself. These beads are consumed during enchanting. They are considerably easier to carry than, for example, the hide of a mastodon, but this forfeits any other use of the hide, whether for practical use as clothing or as a totem.


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